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How It Works / FAQ

How It Works / FAQ

  • Burn the candle and enjoy the fresh and bold fragrance until the foil wrapped pouch is revealed.

  • Extinguish candle with snuffer and allow a short time for cooling.

  • Remove foil wrapped pouch with tweezers.

  • Unwrap foil pouch and discover your new jewelry piece.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department, during standard business hours, via phone at toll free at 1-800-248-0356, or email us at

Where the jewelry is in our candles?

Be patient and always follow candle safety rules when burning a candle down. Do not dig for your jewelry. This can cause your candle to tunnel or burn unevenly. Jackpot candles is not responsible for the damaged incurred to your jewelry item when burning the candle.

Wooden wick candle burning tips

Make sure your wick is trimmed to between 1/8″ – 3/16″ / 3.2mm – 4.8mm before lighting. If the wick is too long, the wax will not pull up the wick and the wick will extinguish.

Wooden wicks do need a little attention and tending to before each burn, similar to cotton wicks. Be sure to gently snap off the ash or burnt wood along the top edge of the wick and then light as usual.

If when burning the candle for a long period of time you notice the flame height getting too low, it may be necessary to tap off any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. The flame will then return to its proper optimal height.

Be very careful not to let any debris from the wick (or anything else!) Fall into the candle.

Extinguish candle when ½” / 12.7mm of wax is remaining.

Do not burn candle more than 4 hours at one time.

Follow all candle safety guidelines.

Why do wood wick candles crackle?

Wood wick candles produce a crackling sound similar to that of a wood burning fireplace and have a cleaner longer burn time compared to a cotton wick candle. There is nothing better than a crackling wood wick!

Why does my wick keep going out?

The wick is too far above the surface of the wax when the candle is initially lit – Solution: Make sure the wick is trimmed to be no longer than 1/4” – 3/16” / 6.4mm – 4.8mm above the wax. This is counterintuitive, as we think a longer wick will make a larger flame, but it will not. The longer the wick, the harder it is for the wax to flow up to the top.

What to do if you can not smell your candle?

There are several common reasons why you might not be able to smell your candle. 1). Olfactory Fatigue - After prolonged exposure your nose is unable to distinguish a particular fragrance. Your nose is temporarily unable to smell the candle scent due to desensitizing. This is caused
by smelling a burning fragrant candle for a long time period. Removing yourself from the area, or even rotating candle fragrances and help. 2).

Ventilation Systems - Do not burn your candle underneath a home intake vent for a heater or an air conditioner. Intake vents can pull the candle burning scent out of the air. Please contact our customer service team for any further concerns or questions you may have.

How to clean the candle jar

You can clean the glass jar after you have enjoyed your favorite fragrant soy candle. 1). If there is any wax remaining at the bottom of your candle, please remove it and dispose of it in the trash. Do not put any wax down a sink drain. You can either place the candle in a freezer, causing the wax to contract, to assist you with the wax removal. Or, simply dig out the wax with a butter knife. 2). You will want to remove all labels from the jar. If there is any glue remaining, you could use a sticky label liquid remover.

How to clean wax off of jewelry

During the reveal process, sometimes wax may get on our discovered jewelry item. There are a couple safe ways we recommend to remove the wax. 1) Boil some water, pour it in a cup, drop jewelry in and, using a spoon or tweezers, simply swirl it around. 2) Toothpaste and an old toothbrush can also do the trick. Apply toothpaste and brush onto jewelry item and rinse. The toothpaste acts like a polish as well.

What is candle frosting?

A natural characteristic of soy candles is frosting. 100% soy candles will frost. This will not affect the scent or burning of the candle. Please be assured that your candle is not drying out and this is not a flaw. Candle frosting will occur with natural soy candles and is simply a part of the soy candle experience.

What is candle sweating?

Soy wax products are the safest and cleanest burning candles. During significant temperature changes, soy candles can release excess oil. A small portion of moisture may appear at the top of the candle. This is called "sweating." Gently wipe with away moisture with a soft cloth. Candle sweating can occur during package shipping. This is why we ship our natural soy candles priority, so you will receive it in several days. Store your candles in a cool place and always try to avoid direct sunlight. Sweating should not affect your candle burning experience.

Why does my candle have an air bubble?

Delamination is when an area of the wax has pulled away from the glass container. This is part of the hand-poured candle making process and is very common. The glass container can magnify the appearance of an air bubble, but please be assured, it will not affect your candles performance.

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