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Aromatherapy and Jackpot Candles

December 04, 2018

Aromatherapy and Jackpot Candles

Aromatherapy is an ancient form of holistic medicine practiced by cultures around the globe. They believed that certain scents had medicinal properties. This time of year, between the shorter darker days and the colder temperatures, sometimes we need a little boost in our self-care routines. Aromatherapy is said to be able to help alleviate colds, brighten moods, help you relax, or wake you up....and you don't need a prescription for any of these products! Plus they're going to make you and your home smell amazing, no matter what.

Warm Apple Pie Wooden Wick Jewelry Candle

Our Warm Apple Pie Candle packs a double punch of both apples and cinnamon. Cinnamon is said to warm your senses and possibly even inspire a feeling of joy and when combined with apples could help you relax and sharpen focus. Perfect for settling in with a good book!

Bergamot Bath Bomb

Bergamot is supposedly able to help combat depression and anxiety, both of which are problems people are more prone to in the winter thanks to the lack of sunlight. Our Bergamot Bath Bomb is an ideal way to soak in the scent. Literally!

You'd think with all that darkness, it would be easy to get a good night's sleep. If that's not the case, vanilla has been said to have relaxing properties that can ease insomnia. Try our Vanilla Bourbon Candle for a beautiful way to scent your home with vanilla. Just be careful you put it out before it puts you out for the night!

Vanilla Bourbon Jewelry Candle

Another scent believed to help calm jangled nerves and help you get a good night's rest is Tangerine. Pop a Tangerine Bath Bomb in your tub and have a good soak. What could be more soothing than a deliciously citrus-y smelling bath?

Colds are a fact of life in the wintertime. Some cultures say that peppermint can help relieve congestion. Our Snowman Bath Bombs let you combine the scent of peppermint with the steam of a hot bath. Settle into a nice hot bath and you may be breathing easier!

Snowman Bath Bomb with Blue Hat

You know what else is supposed to help with breathing? Eucalyptus! It's said to help with colds, coughs, congestion, and muscle pain too. Sounds like our Eucalyptus Bath Bomb might be just the thing for some relief from that nasty cold!

Feeling a bit exhausted now that you've fought your way back to health? Our Grapefruit Bath Bomb and Caramel Coffee Candle both contain ingredients that are claimed to be energizing. Just don't try to drink the candle!

Enliven Me Lavender Bath Bomb

Finally, if aromatherapy had a magic potion, it would definitely be lavender. Lavender has been rumored to help with everything from insomnia to headaches to scabies. Just feeling a Not really sure what you need? You might need our Lavender Bath Bomb. Soaking a hot floral-scented bath is sure to make you feel good - how could it not?

Written by Alyssa Walter

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David Campbell
David Campbell

July 02, 2019

Everyone likes to unwind when a long day. Some soak within the tub, some settle in with a book or TV program, and some have a glass of wine. but however you recharge your batteries, there’s one issue everybody has in common: when it’s time to relax, we light-weight a candle. Thanks for your nice explanation

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