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Quick Candle Crafts - Make a Great Candle Gift with a Jewelry Surprise Inside Even Better!

March 08, 2018

Quick Candle Crafts - Make a Great Candle Gift with a Jewelry Surprise Inside Even Better!

If you already love to give and receive Jackpot Candlesthen you know that they're two gifts in one for twice the fun! How can a gift be better than that? Well, I'll tell you. We love our labels but if you want to craft up your carefully selected Jackpot Candle before giving it as a gift then remove that label carefully and try one of these easy, fun treatments to take your gift to the next level.

If Bling is Their Thing

  • Treat your candle to a silver or gold dip paint or glitter dip for a timeless style that looks great on a desk at work or in the house at the center of the table.
    • Click HEREto take a look at Kelsey's post on the blog Make It Yelloh for a quick tip for glitter dips that will work on your candle jar before you give it.
      • Jackpot's jar style allows a lot of room for a great color dip, but I always recommend only painting half to 3/4 of any jar. Leave a little room to monitor the flame for safety as the inner light glints off your glittering gift!

        Did Somebody Say Deco? 

        • Give your jar the look of an art deco style votive that divides the light into a dancing, dreamy treatment for any room or office.
        • The best steps for giving your Jackpot Candlethis little makeover come from a blog called The Hyper House that includes easy step-by-step instructions for an extra special gift. 
        • Check out the original post at the link RIGHT HERE for simple instructions that only require a few household supplies. 

         Ideas for Gifts That Need To Go Out the Door NOW

        • Christmas / Holiday / Winter - Grab your favorite craft glue and coarse ground salt. Put an even layer of glue around the outside of your candle (half to 3/4 of the jar) and then sprinkle on the salt or roll the candle in it gently. Let it dry and you've got a "snow" coated jar that will make a great gift.
          • Birthday / Get Well / Just Because - Don't have the time to get extra-crafty? Try tying a length of rustic twine around the base or middle of your candle (not too close to the top or the open flame). There you go! A simple country-style look!
          • Valentine's Day / Date Night - Wrap a string of LED lights around the candle and use it to create an ethereal twilight atmosphere that is perfect for romance and candlelight.  



            Do you have easy tips and tricks for dressing up a glass jar candle before giving it? We'd love to hear about it. Leave us your best tips and links in the comments below! 

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