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Which Bath Bomb Should I Use? How to Treat Yourself to a DIY Summer Spa Day with a Jewelry Surprise Inside!

June 23, 2017

Which Bath Bomb Should I Use? How to Treat Yourself to a DIY Summer Spa Day with a Jewelry Surprise Inside!

It's summer, it's sunny, but you're still in the mood for a steamy spa day now and then. For those times when you want to feel pampered in the comfort of your own home Jackpot Candles has got a guide to giving yourself the gift of relaxation designed to fit your tastes and leave you as relaxed or invigorated as you like! Keep reading for a list of candles, wax tarts, travel tins, and bath bombs with a jewelry surprise insidethat will leave you feeling lovely!

Things to have on hand for your DIY Jackpot spa experience: 

  • Your fluffiest white towel 
  • Your favorite bathrobe
  • An amazing bath-time playlist
  • Something to sip
  • Your favorite Jackpot Candle or Tart
  • A Jackpot Bath Bomb with a jewelry surprise

What's next?

Set the mood - with candles

When you're ready to relax and turn your tub into a sensational spa experience, one of the first details that you must consider in your preparations is lighting. Ambiance and atmosphere are key to a relaxing environment so grab your favorite Jackpot Candle product and make it your centerpiece. If you're looking for ultimate relaxation then the standard size Jewelry Candle with a ring surprise valued at $15 - $5,000 is waiting for you. For travel tubbing or something a little more subtle, check out our Travel Tinsand Tartsas seen below. 

For an invigorating and inspiring scent that will sing to your soul try our Cucumber Melon Jewelry Candle. If you want total body and mind relaxation then this lovely Lavender Travel Tin or Ocean Breeze Wax Tart will whisk you away from all of your cares. 
Whatever you do, don't skip on the tea lights for extra ambiance!

And now: Bath Bombs!

Nothing helps turn a simple bath-time soak into a fizzing, fun spa day like a Bath Bomb with a jewelry surprise inside. Whether you are getting amped up for a big day or need to relax and pretend you are floating on a sea of calm, we've got a perfect scent for you in our growing selection of bomb products

If you're into the bright, bold scents that will lift your spirits and leave you ready for anything that comes your way then select one the following bathing beauties and get ready to get inspired!

Life of the Party Pink Grapefruit

Tangerine Tango

Looking for something a little more soothing? Look no further because there's nothing but tranquil waters ahead for you too!


Calming Breeze


Mermaid Daydream

Tea Time

Whatever your pleasure is when its time to soak away a long day make sure you have all of the essentials for time in the tub, burn all candles safely, and lock the door if you have to. Whether its kids, spouse, pets or all the other interruptions of the day - say no way! This is your time to treat yourself  and you deserve it.

Want to check out the rest of our selection? Click here to go straight to 

1 Response

Theresa Smartt
Theresa Smartt

August 29, 2017

I was wondering is these safe for people who are diabetic I know my sister is and she can’t use Calgon anymore and I also know that they can not use Epsom salt either unless a doctor give them the okay. I just wanted to say I love the candles and bath booms they are so awesome and please let the ones that design the jewelry know they are awesome as well.

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