flash sale - Candles $10 - Bath Bombs $5

flash sale - Candles $10 - Bath Bombs $5


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Reasons You'll Love Jackpot Candles Bath Bombs

June 20, 2018

Reasons You'll Love Jackpot Candles Bath Bombs

Hey everyone, it's Alley! I'm here today to show you an awesome product that we're going to be selling here at Jackpot Candles. We've actually expanded into bath bombs as well now, but with the Jackpot spin. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

So all you have to do, is take your bath bomb, drop it in the tub. You can either get in, and then drop it in, or you can let it marinate for a little bit, and then climb in and relax. We have skin soothing botanicals, and essential oils. They literally nourish your skin, it feels so nice!

Our bath bombs are actually twice the size of the leading competitors, so you get to enjoy them extra long. And then on top of it all, when you're done, you get to leave feeling super refreshed, and moisturized, and ready for the world. And you get a new piece of jewelry to rock out!

Mermaid Daydream Bath Bomb

So as soon as you've retrieved your jewelry, you can hop right over to our appraisal page on our website, and find out the value of it immediately. And again, that can be up to $5,000 which is so exciting. We also, while you're at it, love to see photos of your beautiful bath art, and your jackpot prizes. So make sure you're submitting them to our social media and using the hashtag #JackpotCandles!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackpotcandles/

"These are my treat yourself time every week. I love taking these home on a Friday, when I leave work, and just giving myself a little bit of me time. And I hope that you guys enjoy them as much as I have."

2 Responses

Sheilin Hubbard
Sheilin Hubbard

September 24, 2021

My ring is actually really pretty it’s valued at $45.00 I was surprised. However, I would like to know what the metal is .925 or plated ?

J. Snow
J. Snow

August 07, 2018

I like jackpot candle bath bombs for a couple reasons. I’ve tried several different companies and so far jackpot candles has the best quality jewelry inside. I also like that theres a chance to find high valued jewelry inside rather than being put into a “raffle”.

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