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What is Soy Wax and Why Do We Love It?

May 02, 2017

What is Soy Wax and Why Do We Love It?

Have you ever wondered what soy wax is when you're shopping for your favorite jewelry candle? What's the big deal? All of Jackpot's candle, tart, and travel tin productswith a jewelry surprise insideare made from 100% soy wax and all-natural essential oils because they have a ton of benefits for the environment and for you! Let me tell you about a few.

The whole thing starts with beautiful, all-natural dry soybeans. Soy waxis a vegetable-based wax made from soybean oil when soybeans are harvested, cleaned, dehulled, split, and rolled into little soybean flecks. Oil is rendered from this and "hydrogenated," which means that unsaturated fatty acids present in the oil are saturated, changing the oil's melting point. The wax is poured and set at room temperature to form the decorative soy candle, tart, or travel tin that will make it's way home to you! 

Some of the greatest things about your Jackpot Candles soy wax product are: 

  •  Unlike Paraffin wax, which is still used by many major candle manufacturers today, the soy wax used by Jackpot Candlesis never manufactured with harmful chemicals that are released into the air while burning. 
  • Soybeans are biodegradable and renewable. Other resources are used in the production of soybeans but when farmed responsibly soy is alright!
  • Soy wax cleans easily from surfaces so you can wash your empty jar or tin with soapy, warm water when your Sweet Pea Jewelry Candle Travel Tin and other candle products are spent and reuse them around the house!
  • Soy wax candles like Jackpot's Mixed Berry Jewelry Candle burn longer and more slowly than paraffin candles and release their scent for longer so you get more bang for your buck. Who doesn't like that? 

Looking for some great gift ideas for the candle lovers in your life? We all know Mother's Day is coming! Click on one of the products I mentioned above or try one of my favorites below.

Click here to shop our whole candle selection!

Traveling for work? Take a soy wax Jewelry Candle Travel Tinwith you to enjoy in your quiet time and still have all of the joys of a jewelry surprise!  

Click here to shop our whole travel tin selection!

Soy wax tarts for small spaces that you want to transform into something warm and welcoming, while still having the benefit of the jewelry surprise!

Don't forget Mom while you're ordering today! I bet she would love a soy wax candle and a jewelry surprise too! 

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