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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart: A "What's Your Sign" Buying Guide

July 06, 2018

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart: A "What's Your Sign" Buying Guide

Despite all of the merry media reminders from October on you are now hunting for the perfect "New Years" gift for your friends, loved ones, and other important people in your life who deserve to know how much you appreciate everything they do. Well, I've got some great gift suggestions for you. Below is Jackpot's end-of-the-year Zodiac Guide to Gifts (with jewelry inside!) with a quick description of your loved one by their Astrological Sign with a great gift pairing.
Tangerine Tango Travel Tin & Bath Bomb - Aries Zodiac Sign
Oh, Aries! Your spirited love of life is everything in troubled times. You jump into action and take charge of any situation.  
Caramel Coffee Latte Travel Tin - Taurus Zodiac Sign
Persistent and patient, loving and dogged in your devotions; you, Taurus, tend to give the world a little hug every time you go outside.  
Whiskey Bar Jewelry Candle - Gemini Zodiac Sign
You overwhelm us with your wit and youthful manner, Gemini. You're cunning and fun and always looking ahead for your next move. This one's for you, Gemini!
Love Potion Jewelry Candle & Bath Bomb - Cancer Zodiac Sign
Look out for you, Cancer! You're emotional and creative, loving and protective. You may get emotional sometimes but you can't contain this kind of passion and keep it from the world! Plan positive changes this month, Cancer, and put your heart into them. 
Cinnamon Bun Jewelry Candle - Leo Zodiac Sign
Lovely Leo; creative and generous. Faithful, devoted, driven, and maybe even a little bossy! Don't worry Leo. We love those bossy boots you wear because without them you couldn't be a boss.  
Warm Apple Pie Jewelry Candle - Virgo Zodiac Sign
Oh meticulous and practical, Virgo. Your modesty and attention to detail are incredible.  
Mixed Berry Jewelry Candle - Libra Zodiac Sign
Forever the diplomat, the balancer of scales, an easy-going romantic who can be as flirtatious and determined as innocent and unassuming.  
Hibiscus Jewelry Candle & Bath Bomb - Scorpio Zodiac Sign
Everyone knows you are determined and forceful. You are emotional and sometimes jealous, but its all passion and that's what you're made of.  
Mermaid Daydream Travel Tin & Bath Bomb - Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
Ever the optimist, beloved Sagittarius, your good humor and optimism light up a room and are everything it takes to add a little color and splash to life.  
Cotton Candy Jewelry Candle - Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Your practicality and humor are everything the world needs right now. You are honest and sometimes a little carefree. Live a little, laugh a lot; that's your motto.  
Pina Colada Jewelry Candle - Aquarius Zodiac Sign
Aquarius, you are inventive and intellectual. You're original and honest, sometimes to a fault! Sometimes you're a little emotional and unpredictable but that adds up to spontaneity and a love of life that we all long for.  
Moutain Mist Jewelry Candle - Pisces Zodiac Sign
Everything about you is imaginative and sensitive. You are so selfless and idealistic, Pisces, and love your secrets but we love you and all of your mystery too! 

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