flash sale - Candles $10 - Bath Bombs $5

flash sale - Candles $10 - Bath Bombs $5


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Add a Blind Date Candle
ONLY $10.00

Custom Label Personalized Candle

Custom Label Personalized Candle with Jewelry Ring

Create your own personalized candle with a photo and special message. Your heartfelt message will be seen as well as your photo; whenever a special someone lights this custom label candle created by you!

1.  Select RING SIZE
2.  Select Candle FRAGRANCE
3. Click CUSTOMIZE Button to ADD IMAGE

Instructions - How to Personalize Candle Label
  Click on CUSTOMIZE Button

2.  Add IMAGE:  Click on UP ARROW  and Upload Image

****EDIT IMAGE***: 
Drag and reposition image to COMPLETELY FILL THE WHITE LABEL SPACE 
Image will be printed on label EXACTLY HOW YOU POSITION IT

3Add TEXT:  Click on the A symbol to enter Text
**Text will appear on Label exactly how you enter it. You can resize text and change color**

4. When done ADD TO CART this will add your image to the shopping cart

SAVE DESIGN / SAVE IMAGES - Make sure you are logged into your account. If not images and designs will be saved in cache. They will be available as long as you do not clear the cache and stay on the same device from which you saved the design

NOTE:  Filter Effects may Blur images.

Handmade Jewelry Ring Candle
Made with natural soy wax which is all about sustainability; this organic double cotton wick candle also contains a special jewelry surprise for you to discover.

Once the wick of your candle burns low enough you can uncover your ring worth $15 - $5,000 that's hidden inside!

  • 100 percent premium natural soy candle
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 15 ounce jar; 12 ounce candle with double cotton wick
  • Personalized Candle Label with your Image and Text
  • This item is made to order and will not ship immediately

How It Works

  1. Burn the candle and enjoy the fresh and bold fragrance until the foil wrapped pouch is revealed.
  2. Extinguish candle with snuffer and allow a short time for cooling.
  3. Remove foil wrapped pouch with tweezers.
  4. Unwrap foil pouch and discover your new jewelry piece.
  5. Check appraisal value