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Hunny Bunny Candle

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Hunny Bunny Candle with Jewelry Ring

Spring is in the air and Jackpot Candles wants to celebrate Easter with our new Hunny Bunny Candle.

How Cute is that Adorable Bunny Wood Wick in our natural soy candle.

Put a hop into your step with the scents of vanilla beans, fresh bergamot and cotton blossoms as you light your Bunny Easter candle.

Don't forget to look for your ring surprise worth $15 - $5,000!

  • 100 percent premium natural soy candle with cute bunny wood wick
  • Made in the USA
  • 15 ounce jar with wood wick for an efficient cleaner burn
  • Jewelry item in each candle valued between $15 and 5,000 dollars
  • Candle with surprise jewelry is a great gift idea

Fragrance Notes:
Fresh Bergamot, Creamy Milk Accord
Middle: White Freesia, Cotton Blossom
Base: Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood, Raw Honey

How It Works

  1. Burn the candle and enjoy the fresh and bold fragrance until the foil wrapped pouch is revealed.
  2. Extinguish candle with snuffer and allow a short time for cooling.
  3. Remove foil wrapped pouch with tweezers.
  4. Unwrap foil pouch and discover your new jewelry piece.
  5. Check appraisal value
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